Main Wifi network (un)available even wifi wan bridge switch on or off


I use 2 AR150 with success and happyness (one in backup and one main).
I use them with mwan3 and several internet connections to avoid connection problems on the 2 internet links, one by wire and one by air, wire link to wan port and the air one by wifi bridge.

But when one is unavailable, if I turn off the air one for example, my main wifi network SSID AR150 disappear. It seems it is due to wifi interface reconfiguration, and come back either because I bring air to life, or if I change config in interfaces.

Can I have my main wifi network always on even if changes are done on wan sides without modifying config each time?

are you saying about one router or are you using two routers?

My understanding is that you use one router and has cable WAN and Repeater. But I cannot understand the problems.

Yes, I use only one router, cable wan and repeater.
If device targeted in repeater mode is off, my SSID disapper.

I’ve found a ticket about it:
But with a poor workaround…

with the 2.27 and 3G dongle/LTE auto configuration script, perhaps we can do it? how does it works?

I’ve tried in 2.26 and 2.27, the problem is still there…

Actually I think we fixed this by repeater manager. If main ssid is off then your repeater will be disabled. This needs 10 to 20 seconds so it doesn’t happen immediately.