Making the OpenWrt device page more complete

Some time ago I added the ToH and Device pages for several GLiNet And Domino devices.

These pages still need work, and a review also would be nice. Some feedback what info is missing, etc.
GL-AR150 [Old OpenWrt Wiki] Does anyone like to write a ‘getting started’ alinea?

Maybe one that also can be used for AR300 and for the Domino devices.
GL-AR300 [Old OpenWrt Wiki] this one needs a lot of info

(I don’t own this router, so I did not enter anything that I could not find on this site)

Having a good wiki page will also draw in more people who add more info and do more interesting things with these devices, info that we all can use to do even more things to get the most out of these little boxes. :slight_smile: I made the start and I hope that other users join in to make this more complete.


Thanks very much for your effort. The wiki page needs a lot of learning of the grammar.

We hope to make our docs using mdwiki first.

English is not my native language either but I can give it a try to fix grammar.

For me it is hard to explain stuff that I’m still learning, so if I can learn a bit and in return I fix grammar that would work for me. Small steps if possible. :slight_smile: If this would work for you as well…

I try to get the FIXME notices out of the way first. So that the pages don’t hold people back from using these devices.