Manage Firewall and PortFwd via template

Hi is there anything on the roadmap to set a standard set of port forwards / firewall rules via a template?

Can you elaborate on the requirement?

Sure, under the template capability I would like more options than is currenty available, for example in my scenario I have the following things on every router

1 x Port Opening (80) so I can get to the UI from the WAN
2 x NAT Port forwards from WAN to LAN
In advanced I also set masquerading on the LAN so that the port forwards appear to come from the router on the target and disable DHCP Server on the LAN

At the moment there are limited options, on the template (looks like WIFI, admin PW, and local IP’s)

So i would like to see more options under that ‘More Settings’ part, one for port forwards, one for port opening. The masqurading could be an option in the port forward part

Firewall template is already available for firmware 4.x. What’s your router model and version?