Managing data usage for Starlink

Hello All,

I have successfully connected my Starlink to my GL-AXT1800 and everything is working well (apart from Wi-Fi Calling :unamused:) - it’s certainly much better than the default Starlink router in so many respects.

We are an ocean going yacht and as such on the 50GB limited Mobile Priority tariff. We are having trouble staying under that limit.

We have the GL-AXT1800 and I would rather try and stay with just that rather than add other boxes/appliances such as a Pi or some sort of server/PC as we like to try and keep the power consumption to the minimum.

In the past we have had a Red Box marine router than incorprates filtering and proxying that “optimises” traffic and prevents things like cloud sync (iphotos, google photos and suchlike), I assume through firewall lockdown or some sort of of proxy configuration.

I can go an try and configure the GL-AXT1800 firewall manually, but I wondered if there is an easier option , maybe a plugin or similar, that I can implement.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance …


I think more information will be needed on your usage. Is this a service you are offering to other passengers or is this something you are using yourself? Is the bulk of the data streaming traffic? Are you looking to block certain websites, certain applications, or certain types of traffic? I do see you listed some examples of traffic you have tried to curb in the past. I wonder if Adguard might be able to help with some of this. I have not used it yet, but will be doing a comparison of that myself against PiHole, so I cannot really advise on how to do this with Adguard yet.

Thanks for the reply. There are multiple passengers with android and IOS mobiles, plus MACos and Windows laptops. We configure the connections for metered and disable cloud sync on the common cloud services we find (like Google Photos and iCloud photo sync). However, sometimes we find that people forget to do it, or maybe have a less common cloud backup solution that don’t disable (like Currys Cloud Backup)

When we are underway, I would like to block ALL access to all common cloud platforms, block ALL streaming traffic and ALL Windows updates (and equivalent for macOS). I would like to leave basic web access and WhatsApp access. Ideally, I would like to toggle this configuration quickly and easily so that when we are back to unlimited data, we can allow everyone full access.

I was hoping there was a plugin that would allow the application of a set of firewall rules quickly and easily and or the rules list to cover all the common bandwidth consuming services (and if this rules list was dynamically updated, that would be perfect :blush:)

I have had a short look at AdGuard, it may be the DNS blocking would work for me, but I wondered if there was something that already had a wider set of services blocked by default (rather than just advertising services/servers)

That’s called a whitelist, and you then need to take care of it individually.

Thanks. As in a whitelist for AdGuard?

Any tips for finding a good list of URLS or is it a case of monitoring AdGuard and then blacklisting/white liting urls as I find them?

Whitelisting is nearly impossible if you don’t own a big business with many people and high security standards.

You can try to block windows updates, but the URL might differ so without having a UTM firewall you won’t be able to get the results you need.

AdGuard will help a bit, but isn’t a security nor an firewall product.

Agree, the real answer is an L7 or application layer firewall with an active support contract to do this stuff at scale. As an alternative option, what about using a commercial proxy service to do this? Something like zscaler or similar?

Yes, finding (and keeping upto date) the URL list is going to be a major PIA. I guess a service that probably needs to be paid for.

I personally think there is a huge opportunity for GL.Inet here. The standard Starlink routers I have come accross are very basic. Monitoring and managing data (especially for global roaming) - ie doing he sort of thing I am trying to do would be a real value add. I could see alot of starlink owners buying a Starlink ‘ready’ router. Especially if you could supply sufficient PoE and provide a port for the bespoke Starlink connector…

I think I might have a play with Privoxy too, but again, block list…

A fair point. Perhaps I should bite the bullet and pay a bit of money