Mango 3.201 - does not connect to hotel wifi/captive portal


I just buyed a Mango mini router for connecting the ps4 to it.
At this moment the hotel has a not secured(no password to connect to wifi network) wifi network but it has a captive portal, no user or password for the captive, just click connect.

When i try to connect the Mango to the Hotel’s Wifi, it does not show me any ip, netmask, gateway or DNS server that he is connected to the hotel’s network but is says on the top of the page Succes.
I did a hot spot from my phone, connected the mango to it and all was working normal.
The hotel network is not limited on device numbers, i also cloned the MAC adress of the laptop to Mango, but no succes. Also i have disabled DNS Rebinding Attack Protection, same, no succes.

Can anybody direct me for setting the little Mango for the job? :slight_smile:

Thank you

I have a similar problem.
I’ve been using a mango V2 and a Chromecast for a couple of years to watch Netflix or resolve weak signals in various hotels around the world. However today it would not connect to the hotel even though my windows PC android phone and the chromecast will.

It sort of connects and says success but then disconnects. The only obvious issue i can see is the hotel SSID has a space in it. “viengkhong 3” . I note there was a bug in SSID with special characters. I’ve upgraded to latest firmware but it made no difference.
Does special character include spaces?