Mango as a Wireguard VPN appliance at a remote site

I'm hoping to create the setup shown below, using a Mango as a VPN appliance at a remote location so that all client traffic is tunnelled to my local LAN.

I have one remote client device that does not support WireGuard client or Wi-Fi, so I need a VPN appliance with ethernet to the client and Wi-Fi to the remote router.

The Mango needs to connect to the remote site's Wi-Fi, with a client connected by ethernet. I already have my local router running WireGuard okay with other clients running as WireGuard peers.

What would be the best way to setup the Mango to achieve this, please? Any config tips?

Thank you

Exactly like the image shows. You just need to connect the Mango via Wi-Fi and enable WireGuard.


Can I avoid a double NAT by having the Mango in bridge mode?

Would WireGuard still work in bridge mode?

Wireguard would still work in Bridge Mode, any reason you want to avoid Double NAT?

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Only that it can cause other problems so is best avoided where possible. If nothing else, it’s another layer of complexity :grinning:

Consider the drop-in gateway feature in the Mango, to avoid the double NAT, but probably you need to learn how to configure it from GL Docs: