Mango box, OpenVPN Client no internet connection

Hi guys, I got a Mango box and need to use it to connect to my office OpenVPN server, the setup is illustrated below

Office and Home are in different cities, what I essentially need is to tunnel through the office network, not only be able to access local network but also be able to use offices internet connection, meaning my IP would be reported as if I am sitting in the office!

If I use my ovpn config and use a PC at home to connect to the OpenVPN server, then everything works fine and as expected, I can access the local network in the office as well as if I check my IP it is all reported as if I am using the Office’s ISP

However I need this to be set up in Mango box, so that all the wifi network at home would go through Office’s connection.
I can connect to the server in Mango box, but then I don’t have access to the internet!

Appreciate it if someone can explain what I am doing wrong!

Please see my config.ovpn file below

dev tun
proto tcp
remote 1194
resolv-retry infinite
remote-cert-tls server
cipher AES-128-CBC
auth SHA1
redirect-gateway def1
verb 3




I wonder if your issue is related to mine?


Just went through your post, seems like it , although mine seems more simple I guess, I just need internet access, this is mainly for geolocation purposes! Local LAN access comes second!

Does the Mikrotik pass traffic from your computer out to the internet, or does it just allow access to the office LAN? How are you doing your outbound NAT on the Mikrotik?

I believe the MIkrotik side is fine, as when I use OpenVPN client on my PC and connect to the OpenVPN server on Mikrotik everything works as expected, not only I have access to the LAN but also the internet!
Unless there is a specific action or settings I need to consider on Mikrotik to make this work from Mango box!

Forget about the VPN, the Mango box is extremely unstable, hardly connect to the wifi, and when it does it just keeps crashing and no internet, I believe the issue is not OpenVPN setup it’s the box itself, disappointing!

I have a Mango that runs 24x7 supporting a couple of devices that need geo-locating, forcing all its WAN output through a Wireguard VPN without any issues.

It was a reliable roadwarrior travel router prior to being repurposed for this.

Have you compared both config files and also both logs from the PC and Mango to see what differences there are.

Don’t know man, I hardly can get a stable Wi-Fi connection out of this box!

Okay it seems that a hard reset of the box fixed everything, I can now connect to Wifi as well as OpenVPN client working as expected!
Thanks for your help everyone!

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If you notice weird instability, it’s always good to verify you’re using a solid power supply with these little boxes as well. I’ve occasionally ended up with a supply less than 5V 2A, or suspiciously lightweight and of questionable quality, end up in my USB supply box, and then cause issues due to voltage sag when the GL-inet box CPU is busy or whatever.