Mango constantly crashing

I just got a GL MT300N V2 Mango. I am using in repeater mode to bridge to a single wifi connection in my home (testing for a later co figuration). Out of box, after reset, and after upgrade, when I attempt to use the router, it crashes and reboots itself every few minutes. I’ve tried a few settings permutations eg 20/40mhz to 20mhz and disabled dns rebinding protection. I connect with a single client machine (tried various different devices but independently of one a other).

The product is totally unusable. But I see others apparently using it. Suggestions on what to inspect/change?

What is the model of the upstream router? Maybe some WIFI compatibility issues

I’d try re-flashing, preferably with a newer firmware, if available.

Not sure i understand. I did update to the latest software on the router. It did the same thing before as well as after. Are you suggesting something different?

How does this help me? Its a basic router that everything else connects to except your product. Your product is supposed to be a travel router where you can’t control what you’re connecting to. This is a non-answer with no insight as to how i can diagnose this.

I think the issue was the power supply. Not sure why since its a very low power device, but when a device connects to Mango i think power consumption probably spikes and that took down the router. It may be stable now with a different power supply. Still testing

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Not power supply. Added travelmate and back to constantly crashing.

I’ll return this product. Not usable

It is surely the powe supply. Jus change to another one.