Mango GL-MT300N-V2 router speed limit capped at 100mbps


I just bought the router. However when I connect my internet cable to WAN port and the LAN port to my laptop then I can see the Link speed is 100Mbps. My internet connection is 300 Mbps and I don’t understand why I only get around 90 Mbps when I run the speedtest.

Things get worse when I connect the VPN as I only get the around 6-7 Mpbs and that is without using the WIFI as I have turned the wifi off and only using it as a Cable.

If I connect the internet cable directly to the laptop then I get the full speed. Can anyone tell me how I can increase the capped limit on the router?


Seeing as it’s exactly 100Mbps, it sounds like either the laptop port is setting that, or one (both) of the cables are not capable of Gigabit.

Specifications GL-MT300N-V2
Ethernet Port 2 x 10/100M

WireGuard VPN


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Ok so that would mean that the ethernet port in the router is incapable of producing the more than 100Mbps. But how can I get the WIFI speed of 250-300 Mbps ? I always get 80 Mbps when I connect my internet cable to the WAN port and connect through wifi.

I understand that one should not get the full bandwidth of 300 Mbps but should be able to get 200-250 Mbps right?

If the 300n can only handle 10/100 over Ethernet there’s no way to get more than that in… Communication from one wireless client to another should reach higher speeds, but there’s no way to get faster internet using cables

I think that is correct, you have a wifi speed of 300mbps, and if you make a wifi repeater, you will have a wifi speed of 144mbps but still the LAN ports will have 100mbps speed.