Mango GL-MT300N-V2 won't connect to Spectrum

When I connect to my Spectrum router the Mango seems to connect, but it will not show an IP address or let me go to pages in the browser. It shows a BSSID number. I’m not sure what to check or do. I just installed the new firmware today but the problem was around before I did that.

Im curious about which Spectrum device you have and what router mode are you trying on the Mango. I don’t have a Mango but I have connected several gl.inet routers in router mode by Ethernet cable to our Spectrum modem with no issues.

I am trying to use the Mango as a repeater. I’m trying to connect over WiFi. The modem is a EN2251. The router is a SAX1V1S.

It works when I plug the cable from the router into the Mango.

I see. I did not get the SAX1V1S router because I saw user reviews that Spectrum has the router locked down to work only with their app and uses the same SSID for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, and I have at east one device that will not connect when the same SSID is used for both channels. I do use a gl.inet Shadow and I can confirm that it works in repeater mode with a wifi router with only one SSID for both bands. What version of the Mango firmware do you have? I saw that the latest version V4.3.11 includes a wifi fix.

EDIT: one other thing you might try… If you can cable a PC to the Mango LAN port, disable wifi on the Mango and then have it scan in repeater mode. If this works, then you can try to enable wifi on the Mango

I have version 4.3.11. It is the latest.

I have been able to get the Mango to connect to the Spectrum router by wifi in the past. I am not sure what changed.

In that case I am out of suggestions other than saving any VPN or other complicated configurations and reinstall the firmware not keeping the settings, and then manually reconfigure.

If I reset it, will it keep the update? Or will it go back to the original version that it shipped with?

I’m pretty sure that reset just deletes all your configuration settings. To revert to an older firmware, download the older version as a file and use upgrade from local file to downgrade to the old version

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You are totally right. Reset just wipes configuration.
A downgrade is required to restore older firmware versions.