Mango GL-MT300N-V2

Hi Team,
I need to flash several mango routers with our own built firmware.
Is there a method to do that rather than flashing these routers one by one?
In other words, do you provide any flashing bulk tool?

Using uboot is fast I think.

  1. Configure your computer static IP.
  2. Connect cable from your pc to the first Mango, power up while holding reset, enterring uboot. Upload firmware.
  3. While the first router is flashing, diconnect cable and do it for the 2nd Mango.

The only thing is that you should have multiple power adapters to power these Mango routers.

thanks a lot for your help. how about flashing per batch of 5 to 10 routers in parallel?

I flash 10 routers using the method I mention above. Not totally in parallel but overlap.

If you have like 100 routers you need a production setup.