Mango Mini Smart not correct VPN IP

Dear all,

i tried already some research here but always found a bit of a different initial scenario.

Initial Setting:
I am using a GL Mango GL-MT300N-V2 which i would like to use as an Travel Router which connects to my home internet (FritzBox 6690) via WireGuard.

When i am away (Hotel, Public wifi) i would like to connect all my devices like Laptop / Smartphone via the GL Mango Router so that all traffic gets routed via my VPN. Therefore my devices should retrieve the Public IP of my Home Network, comparable as i would be directly connected at home directly towards my home router.

Current Solution:
I managed to setup my Fritzbox so that i can connect my Mango Router to the Fritzbox. When i now connect a device (e.g Laptop) via the Mango GL, i can access internet and also i can access e.g. the admin page of my home router.

What does not work is, if i am connected via my Mango and VPN Is turned on, that if i lookup my current IP via e.g, i only receive the IP of the current Network of which my GL Mango Router is connected (e.g. the IP of the Hotel Internet).
Is there any possibility that i can configure my GL Mango so that if i connect any device via the GL Router that then the devices gets the Public IP as i would be directly connected to my Home Router?

Current Configuration:
Connection: Hotel WLAN → GL Router: Connection in GL Router via Repeater functionality

VPN Settings:
Address =

PresharedKey = SHAREDKEY
AllowedIPs =,
Endpoint =
PersistentKeepalive = 25

Additional Information:
If i used the same settings e.g. on my IPhone via the WireGuard APP this works perfects.
Unfortunatly i can not directly install the WireGuard Client on my PC.

Is this possible via the Mango GL MT300N-V2 or do i need a different router?

Update (for others maybe helpful):
After bit more trying around, i also updated the firmeware from an intial 3.X Version (did not remember the initial version) to the new 4.3.7.
With the new version now if i do an IP-Lookup i see at least there the IP of my Home-Router.

Unfortunatly since i updated to the new Version, somehow after around 30min the Router now restart once / shuts down the Wifi (do not know yet if related to new firmware or hotel network instable).

Question: If i see now at websites like my home router ip, how sure can i be that really all traffic is routed first to my VPN / Home Router. Background, i just did an authentification to an website after VPN IP looks correct, but got the information that my login was from a unknown location (which normally should not happens when accessing from home)

Do you see the router reboot or just wifi problems? Can you try a different power adapter?