Mango mt300n-v2 - 3.105-1118, wrong password after restoring from backup

Just tried 3.105-1118 on Mango mt300n-v2, Luci now works, but if I try to restore settings from backup, password doesn’t work on GL UI. However, it works using Luci.
Workaround I used: opened backup with 7Zip, changed etc/config/glconfig and deleted ‘option language’ and ‘option password’ lines, and I updated the archive.
After that the UI ask for a new language and password settings, and everything works fine.

I know this is a bug and need to fix.

Well, according to latest release (3.105-1120) the bug has been fixed. Well, it’s not. I have 2 Mangos, on one i succesfully restored my settings and the old password worked (Router Mode), on the other one the problem is still there (AP mode).

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I just tried.

Flash old firmware to Mango.
Set it to AP mode and access using its new IP address
Upgrade to the snapshot firmware.

I can still login without problem.

Out of curiosity, I just re-tried.
Downgraded to 3.102, upgraded to 3.105, restored settings… and yes this time worked.
No clue why it didn’t work last time, since I am absolutely sure that the process I made is exactly the same - maybe because the last time I used a backup from the downgraded bugged versione while this time I used a backup from the latest version (unfortunately, I deleted the old one)?
Thanks for your time.

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