Mango MT300N-V2 disconnect

Hi everyone,

I just bought Mango a couple of days ago. I put this on my office desk using the Lan attaching to my laptop and Wi-Fi for my cellphone since signal is weak in my position.

However, the router disconnect and reboot quite frequently. Sometimes, I can use this over an hour but sometimes it reboots several times within an hour.

I checked the Lan connection should be fine since I tried to plug the office Lan directly into my laptop and it works well over the whole day. I am not sure what’s problem on my Mango. I use the USB power from the IBM laptop docking and the original Lan cable in the packaging.

Has anyone got the same experience before? Any solution can fix it!

Much appreciated if there is any advice.

The USB power from laptop might be the problem. Please try another power source. If this happens again, let us know.

Hi Pan,

I tried to use an USB individual power plug wit 5V/2A to connect my Mango. But the same problem still exist. Really no idea how is it going.

Have you tried a different USB-A to Micro USB cable? There are good quality and bad quality ones.

This definiately does not work good.

This should be OK. But the reboot problem are sure to be caused by power issue. Just try another one, including another power cable.

I just changed another power cable that using on my bluetooth speaker. But the problem still existing. Really don’t know what’s going on.

Yes, I just tried to change the cable which I am using on my bluetooth speaker. However, problem still exist.

I notice this issue as well only with the latest (stable and beta) version (openwrt-mt300n-v2-3.212) of the firmware. I previously had the version “openwrt-mt300n-v2-3.102” installed and worked without issues.

I record this problem done and will do some test recently.