Mango no internet access with usb modem

I plug in usb modem (huawei e353) I click automatic on internet panel 3g modem box and it connects and there is green spot and red button written “disconnect”. Under, it shows IP address and some up/down data accruing on the panel.

But no website loading, no ping. On windows network icon on task bar click it says GL-MT300N-V2-e32 no internet access ad there is little “!” on signal bar icon.

What is wrong with this thing? Dovado Tiny wifi / modem router works perfect with this modem.

Also, tried connect samsung 3g phone by usb to the mango but not recognised at all. This phone can be used as modem if connected by usb direct to PC perfect. PC dials everything, no setup on phone required just plug in an dial via network icon.

Hope someone can help out!

No sure I can help with teh 3G but have connected 2 different phone via USB and got internet access and I’m actually connected like that now.

This is the order I’ve done it in,
Checked I had internt access on the phome
Connect the phone via USB
Turned on Tethering on the phone
Selected Tethering on the Mango.

Hope this help,


Thanks. The phone is not a smartphone, just a plain mobile with calls and sms, etc. There is no tethering menu on the phone. when it is connected by usb the screen just says “connected to PC” and all buttons are disabled. I was able to set it up in windows directly plugged into laptop usb. Windows treats it like a modem and sends all control/dialing commands and internet password, etc by windows over the usb connection to go online. Perhaps the Mango could do that with the right AT commands? but when I connect the phone it is not recognised/nothing happens on the mango admin panel. A bit dissapointing because I bought the mango to turn this phone into a hotspot. The Huawei 3g modem was the other option but it’s not working either :frowning:

Huawei modem, also use as IP address. It conflict with the IP of the router. You need to change the IP of the router to others e.g. then it works.

There should be a hint on the UI.

Thanks. It is working now with the 3g modem. No luck connecting the phone. IT simply does not show as a connected device on the admin panel. It is a samsung feature phone not a smartphone, all dialing/connecting must be controlled over the USB link.

There is no way to support old phones. Only support smartphone .