Mango NordVPN openVPN connects but no traffic

Hi all

Loving my little mango router so far, but I really need your help to configure the openVPN profiles with NordVPN please!

I seem to be able to connect to NordVPN, but as soon as the connection establishes all traffic ceases…

So up to now I am able to

  • download both TCP and UDP .ovpn files from NordVPN
  • zip them together
  • upload the zip to the configuration
  • I name the configuration and use my standard NordVPN user & password OR the “dedicated” Service Credentials (it seems to connect with both?)
  • I click conenct and it shows some info (for a little bit) and then my IP and traffic stats – but I stop having any internet!

I’ve tried with the UDP and the TCP separately, zipped or one by one, and different .ovpn files, too - but it doesn’t want to work!

What I am doing wrong?

Many thanks for any help!

PS, not sure if it’s related or not, but I’m not sure on which side to have the hardware switch on the router?!
PS2. running 3.211 and connecting via WAN (in) and then both LAN and WLAN (out)

If you don’t set up in the UI. It doesn’t matter.

Can you do this:

Use ping and ping on your pc to check if you have Internet or dns down.


just tried this and ping returns no results when I’m connected!

(works fine obvs without connecting it)

any thoughts?

Can you post a screenshot of the info, IP and traffic stats that displays when you connect to NordVPN and also the main Admin Panel - Internet page after connection?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Can you ssh to the router and test the ping command?

ping -I tun0
ping -I tun0 

After loads of tinkering a couple of reboots did the trick!

Not the first one, but the second one… weird… but at least it works now!

Many thanks for any tips

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