Mango router keeps rebooting.

I have an offgrid setup, very difficult to go up there.
My setup:
Huawei router (form my ISP) in “feeding” internet via wifi to mango router. my device gets internet by ethernet cable form mango.
I am using wireguard as vpn client. The whole system in powered by a solar panel and 12v 48Ah battery which is at good charging conditions and has a good energy “buffer”.

The system runned without any problems for 7 days. After that i realized my miner was loosing internet connection.
what i did to troubleshoot:
Disconnected VPN - same problem
Changed 4g ISP provider - same problem
Rebooter miner - several times, same problem
I then realized in goodcloud that mango was signing in for several times a day.
I am sure it is not a power issue caused by power source because it disconnects at day or night, so if no power was available in the middle of the night it could not reboot.
ISP told me that occasionnaly ISP service bounces between 3G an 4G anyway this doesn’t explains why the router reboots, right?
I’m on firmware 3.211.

Could someone help me out troubleshoot this?

Can you make sure Mango rebooted, not disconnect from your Huawei router?

You can verify this by remote to Mango and check the logs, just just uptime in Goodcloud.

How does the Mango powered? From which 5V USB socket? Some people like to power from the USB of another router which is not good enough.

No, i can’t confirm mango rebooted. I can only tell the connection was lost to my miner.
I would like to ask you what log should i get when (for any reason) the router shuts down, and if there is logs when the connection to the internet goes down?

The logs are gone if the router reboot.

However you can check if the router rebooted by checking uptime of the router.

Never power up the router from the USB of another router which may not provide enough power.