Mango speed

Why am i not getting speed more then 15 mb?
With wireguard?

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How fast is your WAN connection upload and download without Wireguard? Are you using a 3rd party Wireguard provider or your own server? Have you tried Wireguard on your PC and does it run quicker?

Just as an FYI, in the real world, I have never obtained the data rates GL iNet lists on their products. I am assuming they are using a best case number.

Without wireguard is about 150 mb and 50 mb upload
I’m using wireguard.

Looks like your internet speed is plenty fast enough. I don’t know what speeds runs. My only suggestion is to test with your phone or a PC running a Wireguard client, without the Mango, and if the speed is a lot faster, report back to the list.

That said, I am using a GL iNet Microuter-N300, which is a similar device, as a Wireguard server, and I am seeing around 20Mb per second. For what I am using this unit for, 20Mb is plenty fast enough, so I have not tried to optimize it.