Mango + UDM Pro with WG Client

Hello group,

I have a UDM Pro v. 3.0.20 and a GL-MT300N-V2 v. 3.216.

I created a WG server with my UDM. It works well because I tried it with the WG app with my PC and the config is good.

Now I copied the same config to put in the Mango as WG/Client. The light turns green but I don’t have my host’s IP as the IP. I’m still on the destination IP. In my UDM console it says that there is Active client.

Here is what I did as a procedure


Can you share your configuration file? You can hide IP and key information


Here my config

PrivateKey = XXXX
Address =

PublicKey = RQX7H8CuaV96E3kijVOVxcjg/YjBK
AllowedIPs =,,
Endpoint = 173.XX.XX.XX:51508