Mango V2 Can't change WIFI setting

On the openwrt 3.025 all the settings are locked and I can only change the signal strength and the on/off button. So I had to change the firmware to the clean 2.264 to change the WIFI settings, then change firmware back to openwrt 3.025 where it had kept clean settings, but the settings are still locked.

Is it a bug in the openwrt 3.025 or why is all the WIFI settings locked ?

Do you mean luci? or the default UI?

they should not be locked. Can you post a screenshot?

I’m just using the default UI.

Are you using extender mode?

Nope, no extender moder. It’s just a hotspot with an OpenVPN.
The first thing I checked when first setting up the router was the WIFI settings and it was locked back then too.
The only way I managed to change settings from the original out of the box WIFI settings, was by changing the firmware to the “clean” firmware, change the settings there and change the settings back to the original OpenWRT.

Occams Razor…you are clicking the modify button ? :slight_smile:

(Note I can’t change the Channel or Speed as it’s WISP connected to another WiFI router that’s setting these parameters.)

Hahahaha that did the trick :slight_smile:
For some reason I couldn’t change anything in the modify menu before, only the signal and apply, but now after reinstalling the same firmware, it works fine. Must have been a glitch in the first run.
Thank you, now my router is working again :slight_smile: