Mango V2- tethering Iphone via USB issues

I’m pretty new to all this and not particularly tech savvy.

I bought the mango v2 as I currently have no fixed internet connection at a new house. The main reason of purchase was to use as a router to connect my PS4, TV, Alexa to the internet through tethering my iPhone.

All have been set up to the router, however I do not have any internet as the phone (which is tethering) has to be connected to the mango’s WIFI, meaning it automatically drops out from its 4g status, thus not providing any internet to the router.
The phone has to be either connected to the 4g or to the WIFI, where it needs to be connected to both to provide the router with an internet signal.

I’m a little confused about the next steps, any and all suggestions would be great!

Thanks in advance!

So, do you want to connect mango to iPhone viia usb or wifi tether? If via usb, dont forget to press connect button on GL.iNet admin panel

Hi, I’ve managed to sort that now, but the WiFi signal to other devices is so weak it’s not usable. Is it worth using a VPN or is there anything I can do to strengthen the signal as the devices are all within a 2 meter range of the router. It only have 3 things connected to it.

The signal from the phone is good, as it is 4g but the mango is redistributing it well enough!

Has your phone been updated to iOS14? There appears to be a long-standing issue with tethering with iOS14. The release notes last month for openwrt 19.07.06 refer to a fix:

Major bug fixes

  • Fix iOS 14 tethering problem

Not sure whether that is USB or hotspot, and not sure whether a similar problem exists in the 18.06 branch used by the release firmware. But the beta gl-inet firmware is still at 19.07.05.

The 4G cell radio is separate from the wifi radio, so your phone should be connecting to the internet over the 4G radio, then transferring it to the wifi radio, then on to the mango, and from the mango to your other devices. A VPN won’t improve that process.

If you are connecting via the phone’s hotspot, you might try connecting your devices directly to the phone hotspot and see if that improves things.

I’m strictly android, so I’m not really up on Apple stuff.

My mango is effective within around a 30 to 40 foot radius. My beryl is effective much further than that, but of course different design.