Mango v2 - wireguard vpn (virgin router uk) - i just want my NAS to go through this device

i am in the uk
i have a virgin router which in addition has a 10 port switch connected to it for my other lan devices and additional wifi extenders (bt homewifi)

one of the devices is my qnap nas which also have vpn capabilties, but i want something more secure so i have a Mango v2 300n router… i have installed wireguard on it (as a client) and connected to the wifi, when connected via my desktop it does show i am connected and the ip changes accordingly which is great

however my main purpose, is for my qnap nas to go through this VPN
My qnap nas does not have wifi and is connected to the my virgin router via ethernet cable
qnap model - ts253a (it does have 2 ethernet ports)

what do i need to configure on the router, so it finds my qnap nas? (and that only ever connects via the vpn mango router) as i want a secure remote connection and downloads for torrents etc?

is there a way? its currently in router mode, and not sure what mode it needs to be in to discover all my other devices on the network, i have tried connecting a cable from the wan/lan port on the mango to my main virgin router, but it still doesnt pick up all the devices on the network, so i can’t set vpn policy for devices to allow/dissallow through vpn?

i am confused what i need to do?

in summary, i want to access my nas securely/remotely/download securely and privately directly on the nas…

can you please help

So your virgin router is working in router mode?

You need to put it in biridge mode so that your NAS got an IP from the Mango directly. Then you can set up mac address-based vpn policy.

Yes my main isp router is in router mode

I was hoping I could connect the mango router to obtain all the connected devices , I thought modes like extender, repeater would do this ?

As the mango has two Ethernet ports I could in principle conned the nas via Ethernet directly to the mango so it goes through the vpn , and it will connect “over Wi-Fi” right ??

I have a paid sub with air vpn so I am creating a client using wireguard (as it’s faster )

I don’t think I need to run a server for what I need ?

I want to upgrade to a more powerful g init router as this is a basic model so I was just experimenting at this stage

Yes this is the correct setup.

If you connect the 2 NAS ports to both the ISP router and the Mango router at the same time, then you should be careful which path the NAS uses to go out to the Intenet. You should set the Default Gateway IP of the NAS to the IP of the Mango

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