Mango V2 won't connect to WiFi in repeater

Just received my Mango V2 and have updated to latest firmware.
When I try to connect to WiFi in repeater mode it won’t connect. I do a scan, select a SSID, insert password and select join but I get an error that it is not connected to the internet.
Sky router 2.4 is set to channel 6 and security is WPA2-PSK(AES)

What is the brand of the main router?

sky sr203 router with 4 ethernet for FTTP.

Channel Auto
Bandwidth 20
IP Address: . . .
IP Subnet Mask: . 255 255 255 0

Use Router as DHCP Server

Starting IP Address: . . .

Ending IP Address: . . .

Can you try changing the encryption, e.g. to WPA2-mixed.

Under WiFi security the only selectable option is WPA2-PSK
WPA2-mixed is not an option.

When I scan for available WiFi and select one and put in the password and click join, the MacBook WiFi disconnects from the Mango and joins the local WiFi.

I still cannot get the Mango to connect to any wifi network. It will scan for the local wifi hotspots but won’t join. It will connect by cable.

So your Mango wont connect to sky router or your Macbook wont connect to Manggo ?

I know it is annoying but normal. When the Mango goes to join the local Wifi, it resets the wireless connection. During that time, the wireless device you are using to connect to the Mango will see the wireless connection go offline, and then will move on to connect to whatever it is set to connect to automatically. So your MacBook joins the local wifi, isn’t connected to the Mango anymore, and the Mango interface still in cache appears unresponsive. You have to reconnect the Macbook to the Mango.

An alternative is to forget the local Wifi in your Macbook, or set it to no longer automatically connect. Then, when you are done, set it back.

I’m not having any issue in repeater mode with my Mango on 201 beta 5 or 6. (didn’t before, either).

Thanks for the reply. No the MacBook connects to the Mango but I can’t get the Mango to connect to other WiFi routers.

These are my data points for the Mango, if it is at all helpful.

On .105, the repeater connected to my home Asus 86U and a Portuguese wifi/modem (not sure which brand). I used the first for setup. The Portuguese setup was solid for 2 weeks.

On .201b5, the repeater connected to my home Asus 86U, that Portuguese wifi/modem, and an Asus 56U (also, on b6). The 86U for updating to .201 beta3, the Portuguese solid for 2 weeks (and updating to b4 and 5), the 56U for a few hours, including updating to b6.

I did have a problem with the repeater connecting to an Amtrak wifi (which would have had a captive portal), but that was because no one in my car and the next could connect. It was interesting to me and has nothing to do with your problem, but the Amtrak hotspot had some DNS configuration problem, so the router would connect, get an IP, the DNS lookup would fail, and then it would reset the wifi and start over.

So I would start with resetting the router to factory defaults and trying again. If it doesn’t work, send it back.

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Thanks have taken your advice and it still doesn’t work so I think it will go back to Amazon.