Mango wired speed slow

I have a 100mb/s internet connection which tests at 100mb/s. When I drop the mango into the mix wired to wired, with wireless disabled I can only achieve 25mb/s max. Upstream for me is only 5mb/s with or without the Mango in stream, but I am trying to understand what would cause this significant degradation in speed. I have installed wireguard client to my own server, but the speed is the same (with regular testing on my laptop I can get a full 100mb/s to my server with wiregaurd, minus the mango).

I am curious if anyone else has had this experience, or has suggestions?

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It can be, the max speed from Mango should be the follow:

  • Max. 300Mbps fast Wi-Fi speed
  • Open VPN 11Mbps
  • WireGuard 45Mbps

Source: GL-MT300N-V2 / Mango - GL.iNet

Remark: It can be the 3.105 firmware can speed up the Open VPN up to 10% (from 11Mbps to 12,1 Mbps), depend on added one ore more curved shipper suite.

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I’m using the latest firmware but even without wire guard i cannot get it up over 25mb. Something seems wrong but not even sure what to try…

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If I not remember wrong, I think I have read like on one version of firmware of one gl router like the follow “graphical evaluation of the firewall, Ethernet ports or similar, this will reduce the throughput of the device. Disable the grapgical output, if you dont use for diagnostic…”

I cant check this, because i dont have a gl router on this time near by me.

Hmmm… I can find nothing at all similar to this, other than live network traffic reporting, which is disabled already. Memory seems good, not sure where the hangup could be. Bare traffic (no vpn) is hung up around 25mb/s no matter what. When I turn on wireguard it is identical… even though advertised is 45mb/s I can get nowhere near that, even with the VPN off :frowning:

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