Manual configuration of wireguard (for IPv6)

Can I safely stop the wireguard server from the GL.Inet UI and configure it via normal openwrt mechanisms?

I’m trying to get wireguard running in IPv6 (I’m under a DS-Lite connection). I understand GL.Inet GUI support for IPv6 is still in early baby stages; but I’m not afraid of configuring it via command line.

Will I find issues if I configure wireguard via “uci” commands?


Never mind… almost everything works perfectly. The only thing I had to do was to add “IPv6” to the “Allow-Wireguard” firewall rule.

You can close / disregard this post (after you tell the devs to add IPv6 on that firewall rule :))



Exact same thing happened to me. I set it up for v6 and v4 and sometimes the connection wont work. I checked the FW rules and the Allow-Wireguard rule (from GL.Inet WebUI) is for v4 only. But I activated v6 in the webui.

Is there a dev who can confirm the issue here?

Iam on 3.216 on a AR300M16.

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Glad you got it sorted. Here’s something quite relevant that I think you’ll want to know:

@alzhao @luochongjun @yuxin.zou

Yes. This should be an issue in firmware 3.x.

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