Manual DNS?


Is there no possibility to set fully manual DNS?
I can just choose the first DNS server from the list (which I don’t want to use).
If I set 2nd and 3d server, it shows me an error regarding the 1st DNS server.


I don’t know if I understand the question properly, but for me it works to click into the field and just type my local DNS Server IP.

I’d like to test if another port is possible, but haven’t tried it, now.

:smiley: sometimes things are simple
I thought, I can just choose from the lists of the 1st DNS server, but I can just type in the field also. Thanks!

I use advanced settings and enter DNS under DHCP/DNS -gets around the problem

You’re right on the mark:

Under DNS, Manual DNS, click DNS Server 1’s drop down form. While the prelisted options are ‘popped up’, ignore them & just type in the IP of the DNS you’d like to use in the text box of DNS Server 1. Then you can also add a secondary IP for DNS Server 2.

This is for port 53, the ‘classic’, unencrypted port for DNS:

root@GL-AXT1800:~# logread -e "#53"
Tue Jun 27 13:56:58 2023 dnsmasq[2572]: using nameserver
Tue Jun 27 13:56:58 2023 dnsmasq[2572]: using nameserver

You’d have to use LuCI (aka Advanced settings) to get into DNSMasq’s options to set a different port if you didn’t want to use UCI/edit /etc/config/dhcp

by the way, if I want to forward the ports from my ISP router for dynamic DNS of the GL-MT2500, what ports do I forward? 53?


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Port 53 UDP is for DNS, that’s right. But I doubt it makes any sense to forward this port from Internet to your home. Nobody would know or use it.

If you’d like to maintain a namespace/domain, the better choice is to get a domain and rent a hostel/provider which is providing the DNS and you can freely manage it.
Than you can forward to hour DynDNS address (CNAME), without big trouble.

ah, ok. So if I use wireguard, I just forward the wireguard port and don’t need to forward any DNS, isn’t it?

As I understood, GliNet offers automated dynDNS service with the address such as, which is in the settings of (for example) the Brume 2. So I don’t need external provider for it, or did I understand it wrong?

dynDNS/ddns is a different ‘beast’ than this type of (manual) DNS for outgoing connections/lookups (eg: Q: ‘What is the Internet Protocol address for’ A: → would be automatically updated to your current modem/ISP’s assigned IP address any time they chose to change it on you, dynamically. Dynamic IP allocation is the most common type Internet Service Providers assign.

So GliNet offers their own dynamic DNS and act like a dynDNS provider?

Yup; you have it. Other providers are DuckDNS, deSEC – Free Secure DNS,, etc. I prefer for their cryptography-based security extensions (‘DNSSEC’) … & being a non-profit that doesn’t require handing over tons of personal data beyond an email address… but I can’t really argue w/ the convenience of using GL’s integrated dyndns at this time.

You need to be pretty comfortable using LuCI or the command line if you were to use another ddns service provider. Firmware 4.2.1 doesn’t have other options included by default so they would have to be added & configured manually.

ah, that were my next question :slight_smile: