Manual Wireguard setup - PUBLIC KEY where is it

I am wanting to configure a wireguard client to connect to my home network. Where oh where are instructions to generate and obtain the Private key for my AR750??

I had previously setup Mullvad successfully and it notes it generates keys as part of that process. WHY doesn’t the interface generate/show you a key as part of the manual configuration. There’s zero information how to obtain this.

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I believe its usually provided by the VPN service provider. I have the same issue right now, my provider shows Public Key but not private key so I’ve inadvertantly deleted a key responsible for about 80% of my.ovpn files. Now I need to erase all keys, delete all config files and all configs from the router, then redownload everything again under a new key. What a fart about

I have the public key for my wireguard peer/server on the other end. However - as part of a manual configuration there is a key tied to the interface on the AR750. Keys should be generated on the AR750 to complete the configuration. When you set up mullvad or azirevpn - the AR750 creates that key and sends it as part of the set up. When doing a manual set up though…i see no option to generate a private key.

IP Address Required

Private Key Required

Listen Port Optional

DNS Optional

MTU (Default:1420) Optional