Manual Wireguard setup - PUBLIC KEY where is it

I am wanting to configure a wireguard client to connect to my home network. Where oh where are instructions to generate and obtain the Private key for my AR750??

I had previously setup Mullvad successfully and it notes it generates keys as part of that process. WHY doesn’t the interface generate/show you a key as part of the manual configuration. There’s zero information how to obtain this.

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I believe its usually provided by the VPN service provider. I have the same issue right now, my provider shows Public Key but not private key so I’ve inadvertantly deleted a key responsible for about 80% of my.ovpn files. Now I need to erase all keys, delete all config files and all configs from the router, then redownload everything again under a new key. What a fart about

I have the public key for my wireguard peer/server on the other end. However - as part of a manual configuration there is a key tied to the interface on the AR750. Keys should be generated on the AR750 to complete the configuration. When you set up mullvad or azirevpn - the AR750 creates that key and sends it as part of the set up. When doing a manual set up though…i see no option to generate a private key.

IP Address Required

Private Key Required

Listen Port Optional

DNS Optional

MTU (Default:1420) Optional

Any update on this? I’m having the exact same issue.
I’m running a wiregaurd server on my pfsense box and am attempting to connect my Beryl as a peer to it.
I have no way to generate a public/private key on the Beryl.

You can use the wg command using SSH or some online services like Wireguard Key Generator (Trustless)

Wire guard key generator did the trick. Thanks!!!

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This same issue has been driving me crazy all day. Did you just use the generator and cut/paste the generated private key into the field in the gui? I assume it then saves it in some config file that is used by wireguard and that works (vs having to generate on the client system itself)?

Yep, you can just copy and paste it.