Max speed using Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) with Tailscale

Hello guys,

Hope you are doing well. I am using a Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) router with Tailscale and an Exit Node ( CHUWI LarkBox X 2023) connected on the same local network using 1Gpbs ports in all devices. Doing a speedtest without any tunnel I can reach 950 Mbps (UP/DOWN).

When the traffic goes from PC -> Beryl AX -> Exit Node. At most I reach 150 Mbps (UP/DOWN) using speedtest-cli. Tailscale ping/status shows the private IPs within my local network (No Derp servers). If I do the same test from my PC configuring Tailscale client to use the Exit Node and plugin the PC directly to my main router (PC -> Exit Node), the speed goes to about 800 Mbps.

I have tried various MTU settings on the client PC but the speed difference is minimal. Any idea where the problem might be? I would say it is the Beryl router, but after many configuration changes I have not improved the speed.

PS: Using version Tailscale 1.66.4 in all devices. All devices are in the same subnet and connected to the same main router (Mercusys AX3000).


The speed depends on the amount of CPU and RAM WireGuard can use, because that's what Tailscale runs on. So on a Beryl AX there is a max speed for WireGuard of 300 Mbps (see here)

I am not sure about the overhead of Tailscale but all in all I would assume that this speed is fine.


Thank you very much for your answer, Yes I think I have reached the maximum speed, the website you share it also mention this "OpenVPN and WireGuard speeds will be slower when running the device as a server. Results above are in client mode." I'm a bit disappointed because I thought I could have a speed closer to 300 Mbps, but still the result is good :slight_smile: