May I suggest adding Cloudflared in GL repo?

The setup step should be very simple.
I have tried it on AX1800.

Yet I have problem with VPN policy with this.
I have set policy based on client device.
However, CURL to on AX1800 gives the VPN server address, rather than my ISP address.


VPN policies are only effective for client devices. In other words, the VPN policy don’t take effect for processes on the router.

Connected to VPN service by client-based policy:

Desktop computer shows ISP IP address.
Default not using VPN. Only 4 devices use VPN.

CURL on AX1800 shows VPN IP address.


Vpn policy doesn’t not control the router itself.

I have just foud the way to use CloudFlared.

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This is a propritary service that doesn’t seem to add any value, and obscures the technology that they are using so that they can milk you.