mDNS not resolving router's hostname

Hey all,

I’ve been trying to configure my router (A GL-iNet Spitz AX (aka X-3000) ) to respond to mDNS queries, so regardless of IP (as this isn’t a constant as it’s used in temporary networks, and I do not control IP assignments) to respond to it’s hostname, so that typing http://gl-x3000.local/ into the address bar will resolve to the router’s web interface.

I’ve installed mDNSResponder and tried tinkering with umdns, but it seems like both have very little documentation on how to achieve this!


Ouch, the first thing that strikes me is:

The .local domain is reserved for (zeroconfig) multicast dns rfc6762, .local. Watch out for conflicts with your Dnsmasq configuration

Per the OpenWrt Wiki on ZeroConf. dnsmasq is used by OpenWrt for local DNS resolution & DHCP assignments. I’m not the right guy to ask but I’d think you’d have far better luck at the OpenWrt forum itself.

Regardless I’d see about making a backup before diving deep into your conf files. You can always bail out with a backup.