memory dump of the KL128035F chip for GL-MT300N v2


Can I download somewhere from the network, flash memory dump of the KL12835F chip for GL-MT300N v2.

I have totally damaged U-boot software on the router. I have a SPI memory programmer and I need an image with partitions and data contained in them to start the router. I will be grateful for help in accessing the * bin file - the image of this layout.



Please download the uboot in here.

You can program the uboot to the flash chip via program tool, and then using uboot web failsafe to flash the firmware.

The partition of MT300N-V2.



Thank you for sharing the U-BOOT image. I uploaded the image to FLASH memory, version KL25L12835F is not available on the market and I replaced it with MX25L12835F, these are the same chips. The router starts and I can upload the firmware using the web page, previously stopping the start of the software using the smoother through the TTL terminal using RS232.
Frimware loads the system after the restart starts, Wifi works because you can see SSID. However, there is a problem as I want to go to the router’s configuration page. After entering the ip address of the router, 503 appears in the browser. From what I noticed there is no U-BOT env partition (64KB) and factory partition (64KB), I was hoping that the firmware will create them. Is there any chance for someone to share bin images of these partitions?


Could you please tell me what’s the MAC address of your device? I can check if there have a backup file, if so, I will send it to you, otherwise, I will send a default partition file.



my MAC is: E4:95:6E:43:23:E2
SERIAL: 9c2ab4cf4bb282b4


I had PM you, please check the attachment.