Mesh Compatibility B1300 B2200 AP1300 - mix and match devices on mesh

Does anyone know if the B1300 AP1300 and the B2200 are going to be mesh compatible?
Can I mix and match the devices or do they all need to be the same model?

The UI / OS and the supported protocols seem to be the same although they may be running different versions.

I understand the B1300 and AP1300 are dual-band and the B2200 is tri-band but if the backhaul is wired then it should be a non-issue with the 3rd band.

All of the documentation I see for the AP1300 shows it wired to a hub - does it support wireless mesh or does it need the cable to operate as a wireless AP?


Do you mean the S1300 or the AP1300 when you say AC1300?

You can mesh a S1300 with a B1300 no problem.

The AP1300 was originally specced as mesh capable however this functionality seemed to disappear when it was finally released.

Not sure if the B2200 will mesh with a B1300/S1300. From what I can see from other vendors (e.g Linksys Velop) you can WiFi mesh dual and tri band mesh nodes (recommend a tri-band as the master node).

I’d assume that since the new B2200 is “software setup” compared to the B1300/S1300 “hardware” setup that the guys would have to integrate into their app …or perhaps you put the B2200 into mesh mode on the app and then press the physical mesh mode button on the B1300/S1300 to setup the mesh…if compatible . :slight_smile:

Would be great if this functioned as people can keep the investment they’ve made in the B1300/S1300 and integrate into their “new” B2200 mesh infrastructure :slight_smile:


Sorry, yes, I mean the AP1300 - I’ve updated the thread accordingly.

Yeah - I was just curious - I have a rollout to do for a client and if the B2200 are actually going to launch in a month and they’re compatible, I’ll buy a couple B1300 now to tide the client over and then order a set of 3 B2200 for the main area and use the B1300 to complete coverage in the fringes.(concrete walls)

I like GL-iNet and I want to support them and their use of OpenWRT as a company, but if their not compatible - I’ll probably have to look at another option like Orbi because they support Triband now. I appreciate the features of the interface/OS and the hardware of the GL product for my clients - so I’d rather stick with them if I can.


Hey Alfie, any clarification on this one for @thewizard?

Let’s say that technically it is no problem, especially if you use Ethernet backhaul.

Pls note in B2200 we used Bluetooth to pair the node, which improves the user experience. In B1300 or AP1300 there is no Bluetooth so if you want to mesh, may be need to set up manually. Via ssh it is always possible. We do have a sync button in all these models which can be used to pair. But now our effort is still making B2200 to the market. After that we will add functions to make these models mesh together using the sync button.

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If you SSH into a B1300, is there a command to start the mesh process?

Is there an answer to this or steps how to do it? I have a 4 node b2200 mesh, I’d like to add a b1300 node. I tried to do it with the android app, it seems to start to wrok but never really gets there. If I could do it through the web interface, the luci interface or ssh that would be awesome. Thanks!

thanks for the reply – sorry my gratitude took so long to arrive.

AP1300 has mesh functionality but not an hw button to trigger.
Needs to be triggered by CLI with this command:

ACTION=released BUTTON=wps SEEN=5 /sbin/hotplug-call button &

I personally use a mesh network with both Cirrus (central node) and Convexa-b (3 routers) See this thread:

AP1300 also has bluetooth in 3.217, at least if you buy the version with the LTE modem.
Support for mesh and bluetooth is not continued in the 4.x firmware, because of closed sources.

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