S1300 Convexa S as home mesh and media center, and Sonos One

I have S1300 as my main router. I have a USB HDD attached to it. Actually I coped the media content to S1300’s internal 8G EMMC and detached the USB HDD.

In my Network share I can find S1300. data is the internal EMMC and “Personal, sda1 and Work” is my USB HDD.

I have one B1300 meshed to S1300 in another room. It works perfectly.

Then this is my Sonos One, connected to S1300.

In Sonos APP, More and find Settings.

Then find “Manage Music Library”,

At the beginning there is no shares added.

You can click the three dot at the upper right corner and add your network share.
My music path is //gl-s1300/data/Music. By default there is no username and password.

Now go back to Browser tab you will find “Music Library”

Your music will be indexed and added.

Now it is time to play.

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