Micro usb power connector and USB A connector, how are they wired internally

I have a powered usb hub. The other day ,being distracted, I connected the usb A signal input from the hub to the router before i had powered up the router with the micro usb input. To my surprise the router started up. Did not have to use the micro usb.

This leads me to ask how everything is wired internally. It appears power pins seem to be connected in parallel. Then i wondered if there are any data signals available on the micro usb power input or if only power is wired to that connector?

My setup would allow me to power the device via the usb A connector.

I think it was mentioned somewhere here that there is no usb hub in the device,which means there are no 2 usb ports available.

Which model are you using?

As far as I know our old model GL.iNet6416 can do this because USB-A is connected to power directly. In the later models we added regulators.

We added USB hub to some model. If you see there is an extra microSD slot then it means there is a USB hub.

AR300M-lite is the router I used this time.

I think the AR300M Lite version doesn’t have control on the USB.

I also have a number of AR300M-16 so I assume it’s the same as the Lite version. Thanks for the answer