Microrouter + TOR

Hi, I purchased the GLinet MicroRouter from Amazon. It states on the description that it supports VPN + TOR. I can not see how to activate the TOR settings though? Can someone please tell me. I can’t see a firmware for it either.

Hi, sorry for the Tor thing. Now the firmware doesn’t have Tor. But we put the wrong info there and we cannot change it. We can talking with Amazon for many times to change that.

But we can add Tor of course. Need a little time.

Sorry for this and thanks for your understanding

I purchased three of them based on this feature.

You need to take down that listing from Amazon until the problem is corrected.

Can you commit to a time estimate when the firmware will be available (approx)? End of December? January?


Thank you

Finally Amazon helped to remove the text.

I will provide a beta firmware in early Jan, OK?

Do you have this now? My microrouter does not even work. It doesnt read the USB modem.

Windows 10, for whatever reason includes a driver that does not work with the microrouters ethernet connection…

Grab a copy of the latest from:



and this will fix that issue