Microsoft team Get disconnected

Hi, I’ve set up one GL.inet as a router and another as a client, however the problem is that while I’m on the team call, I frequently disconnect for unknown reasons. My online symbols also show disconnect. kindly assist


unfortunately there are more information needed since Teams itself is pretty unstable all the time.

What router do you use and which firmware version?
What internet provider do you use and which type of connection? Please do a speedtest and share the results.

Happens it all the time or just sometimes?
Which Teams version do you use?

Do you use vpn?
Do you use repeater?
Which router do you use?

I’m using a GL-AR750S wireguard client and an MV-1000 wireguard server. I once built a tunnel like this and used it for a year without experiencing this problem, but I can’t remember what setting I put in now. Can you suggest anything for voice?

Can you upgrade your AR750s to 4.x stable GL.iNet download center

Don’t keep settings.

Then configure the vpn again.