Microuter and TOR

Like others, I got one of these based on the ability to run TOR on it. Now, it seems that was inaccurate, although a year ago someone said there would be Beta software out soon that would support TOR. Now, for whatever reason, GL.Inet seems to not be supporting TOR at all, which is odd considering it’s a perfect application for portable routers.
Is TOR firmware available for the Microuter? Will it be available soon?

I don’t find tor firmware for GL-USB150(Microuter) here GL.iNet download center

Maybe you can try other model is available for tor firmware (like GL-MT300N-V2),

or google more information about “openwrt tor”.

good luck:grinning:

I didn’t find it there either. Hopefully someone here knows.

Can you use Tor firmware for AR150? You only need to change eth0 to lan in the firmware.

How do you modify the firmware?

First flash the firmware. Then you only can use wifi to connect to USB150

ssh to the router, or you winscp, see SSH to the Router - GL.iNet Docs

Find /etc/config/network

then remove wan part, and change eth1 to eth0 in lan part.

I gave that a try, and it seemed to work. However, TOR took a long time to start up (Took a few reboots). Problem is, I had full Internet before TOR started up. Worse, TOR isn’t working when I go to check.torproject.org, it still shows my real IP address, even though TOR says it’s connected. Any ideas? Any way to force ALL traffic through TOR?