Microuter N300: "No cable detected in WAN."

The same story goes for me. Upgraded to the last firmware. Got No cable detected in WAN. Please plug in an Internet cable.

Firmware ends with 3.203 didn’t have such error. Cable is working. Tested with a few devices.
Rolled back successfully from 3.211 to 3.203, waiting for the FIX.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I rolled back to 3.203 and have the same problem as before. Also I tried 3.102 and the same problem exists as well.

Interestingly, during the router’s startup sequence the modem’s LAN indicator light shows some activity but after the router boots up the light goes dark indefinitely. I may need to look into what kind of options the microuter’s ethernet controller’s driver has to see if tuning any of them will get it working, or maybe it’s a cabling issue and for that I’ll have to wait until I get some new cables delivered to debug.

Can you disconnect cable, reboot router, connect cable and post both the System Log and Kernel Log?

I’ve performed the requested steps and attached the kernel log using ssh and dmesg:
microuter.dmesg.zip (7.9 KB)
Update: Added system log: microuter.logread.zip (7.4 KB)

I am unsure exactly how to capture the system log. Does that require installing the LUCI administrative console?

In SSH, you can get System Log with “logread” command. You already got the Kernel Log with “dmesg” command.

Thanks for the information, I have updated my previous message and included the system log in a new attachment.

I noticed there were lots of changes to the mtk_eth_soc driver from Linux 4.14 to 5.4 (and even more to 5.16) so I attempted to install plain openwrt 21.02.1 from OpenWrt Firmware Selector . Once I installed it and configured the ethernet port for WAN usage, it was able to properly detect the cable modem as a working ethernet connection and get a public IPv4 address over DHCP so this seems to indicate that the old version of the ethernet driver just had some bugs or missing capabilities. The internet is not working yet but that might just be an incomplete OpenWrt configuration issue on my part or a problem on the ISP side. I’ll see if I can get it to work correctly.

Me too. Two N300’s with the same problem. Rolled back auto-update disabled and am fine now.

Ok, the only remaining issue I was encountering was an ISP problem, so now my microuter is working fine on plain OpenWrt 21.02.

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I’ve the same error, and after reset the modem and changed the ethernet cable, I realized that the 3.211 fw was the issue. I have to rolled back to 3.203 and now is working.

I also have applied the 3.211 fw to the AR150 and it stops detecting the eth cable also, so It looks like the AR150 is having the same 3.211 issue.
I’ve to rollback to 3.203 this weekend, since the remote mgmt is broken.

What is the parent router model?

@ohern and @jyelloz thanks for reporting this. Pls note 3.211 for N300 has been drawn back to fix.

Hello, the fix to this will consider also the GL-AR150? As I stated above, I have the same issue with that router also.

I’ve rolled back to the 3.203 in the GL-AR150 and is working fine now. I hope the team can still deploy a fix to this router.

@alzhao Why is the firmware for the N300 much more buggy then for other GL iNet routers? Of all my GL iNet products, the N300 has had the most firmware issues, and has cost me more time then all my other GL iNet routers put together.

I have tested AR150 and cannot verify this. Can you give more details of your upstream router?

It is a bug brought by updating ethernet drivers related to MT300N-V2 and N300. Sorry about this.

The upstream router is a Linksys AC5400. I’ve connected in AP mode the GL-AR150, but as soon as it automatically updated into the 3.211, it stop detecting the ethernet cable. It took me some time to find out that the issue was firmware related, but, as soon as I rolled back the router to the previous firmware version (3.203) it get back to work immediately.

Do you mean you set up AP mode in web panel → more settings → network mode?

I just tried mine and it works OK. Any idea that could cause this issue?

Yes, I’ve connected the GL-AR150 in AP mode (in settings → network Mode) to extend my wifi coverage. The router have been working fine until the update to fw 3.211, which makes the router stop detecting the ethernet cable. I’ve changed the cable, and also the modem but the error continues. Once I rolled back to the 3.203 fw, the modem get back to work normally.