Mifi 2


I have some questions, and to be open - I did not yet buy your product, and actually what I’m looking for is a product that can be used in agriculture, so it needs to:

  1. absolutely be able to operate at -20 to +60 C
  2. absolutely must have a CE mark so it can be sold in EU
  3. I2C pinout, 2-3 LAN ports
  4. sim card holder (+3G with GPS module connector)
  5. be relatively compact
  6. preferably, 128mb of ram and ability to expand file system to be of about 256 mb size.
The first question is - do you plan to produce something similar?

The closest thing is Mifi v2 board and it’s very interesting and almost unique at the market at the time of writing this post. I know that it hasn’t got 12C and memory, but does it at least qualify first two requirements? I do know that you said you have tested ar150 for operating temperature, but how about this one?

If AR9331 itself does not have I2C capabilities, would you consider developing similar product based on MTK, like for example - MT7628AN, or MTK7620N (something you already have experience with), or similar . Because, if you do market research, you will find that there does not exist a single compact product that has LAN switch, Linux core, SIM socket, >=128mb ram, I2C, good operating temperature range, CE certificate and a price in the range 15-35USD.

I would like to hear what you think of this.

  1. The current MiFi board is not tested strictly at -20 but we expect it working.

  2. It uses our wifi module which has CE already. For the product we will have CE leater.

  3. In the final version, we exposed all the IOs. You can use some for I2C.

  4. Yes

  5. Depends on the size you can accept.

  6. It has a MicroSD adapter so you can have more space. But no 128MB ram. We can have more ROM and RAM using a different chip, but power consumption will be high.

So the current product is very similar now. We will not go to produce another version recently. So hope this suit your needs at this moment.

To satisfy all your needs, we can use QCA9531 to develop the board, which will have: I2C, 128MB RAM, 128MB nand flash and satisfying all your other requirements. But we will not rush to this.

Ok, I will order current mifi2, to see if I can find a way to work with plain serial instead of I2C and if I can maybe squeeze everything to work under 64MB.

Thank you for your quick anwser!

The MiFi V2 board on our shop doesn’t have GPIO so you cannot use I2C. We have a newer board and will put on shop soon.