MIFI - alternative firmware - using modem

Has anyone gotten a 4G/3G module working with MIFI running LEDE or Rooter?

I tried Rooter for Domino Pi listed here and LEDE from the trunk. Both worked fine, but no matter what packages I installed, I could not get the modem (PCI-e module) to be recognized. Has anyone done this?


Can you post links to these firmwares specifically for the mifi?





The Rooter (ofmodemsandmen) firmware, is for the Domino Pi, but the MIFI is based on the domino core. It worked for me, but I think I had to install it from the web recovery console. The LEDE can be installed from LUCI.


I have also installed the DD-WRT build for the AR150:


Checked basic usage - wifi, eth ports – it works fine