MiFi and Sim in Malta and Cyprus

First I would like to say I am a proud owner of the Mifi. Awesome product! Keep up the great work!

I have one issue, I travel to Malta and Cyprus. Under the 3G/4G connection, the countries of Malta and Cyprus are not listed nor the telecoms. Is there way to add this or can this be added in the new firmware update?

Do you have the carrier info in these two countries?

Below is the Name of the carriers for Malta. This is the link for the carrier information for Cyprus. http://wiki.apnchanger.org/Cyprus

Is this what you need?


Vodafone: https://www.vodafone.com.mt/settingsinformation

APN Settings

APN name: Connect

APN: connect

Melita http://help.melita.com/setting-up-internet-on-your-melita-mobile-android-devices/

APN Setting

Name: melitaweb

APN: web.melita