MiFi battery

I want to buy a couple of MiFis with a plan to buy more but can see that the batteries are not in stock. Is it possible to buy a battery that fits separately?

Yes, if you have a LiPol battery you can solder it by yourself.

We are ordering batteries and hopefully they will arrive in 1 month

Ah, great, I’ll wait then, rather have them done properly.

Will you please announce in this thread when they are available? I’m really interested in this as well.



Hi all, batteries come back to stock. Please order from web store.

I read in the specification that if you connect the power adapter, the USB-A connector will not be powered anymore.

Does this mean that I cannot connect a USB-stick when I am charging the device?


I can confirm this Thomas, mifi wall powered = no usb power.

Pretty disappointing. I am currently trying to work out what GPIO number is to turn it back on, as i am using LEDE.


The USB-A power cut when charging is not because of gpio control, it is because of the charging chip. We will change this in next version.

This is what is keeping me from buying this product, I would much prefer that charging is interrupted as soon as a USB device is plugged in.


(OT: That, and the ability to use the MiFi as a USB network interface would make it a near perfect product for many situations.)



Is there going to be an option to upgrade the older boards with this new power chip?

I am just finding out about this now and I am concerned that this problem severely restricts the flexibility of this device.

Can the internal battery be disconnected and the USB port will remain powered? At least then I could use an external battery.

Yes. The board is being updated.


Any news on the updated board? I’m also interested.