Mifi: can't force LTE?

Running EC-20 on UK’s 3 through a VPN on v2.261, if any of that matters.


root@GL-MIFI:~# echo -e “AT+QCFG="nwscanmode",3,1” > /dev/ttyUSB2

ash: write error: Resource temporarily unavailable


Any thoughts?

because the /dev/ttyUSB2 is used for communication, so you need to wrtie it in /dev/ttyUSB3


echo -e “AT+QCFG=\”nwscanmode\”,3,1″ > /dev/ttyUSB3

Hmm, I didn’t pull that out of thin air, that’s directly from the MiFi startup doc. I’ll try your way and report back.

The module can use ttyUSB2 or ttyUSB3 for data and another one for control.

So if you use ttyUSB2 for data, then you need to use ttyUSB3 send send AT command.