MiFi - changing IMEI



I would like to know if it’s possible to change the IMEI of the gsm modem in the MiFi. The MiFi I own has an EC20-E modem.


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Of course it’s possible but Mr. Plod take a dim view!

Off course it’s for testing purposes. It prevents me from buying 10+ devices (which isn’t possible budget wise for my home project)

I found an AT-command (EGMR) but it seems to take only the correct (factory) IMEI as an argument.


After some more experimenting it seems to work, but only from time to time. Best chance is when the device just booted. Give the modem some time to handle the command before looking to the output. It might be better using a direct tool to send the AT commands and not by putty

Spirou_, could you mind to explain for me how to do it? Do you send AT commands from the router (using a script?). Did you achieve more or less stable work?

Yes it’s working stable. Just use the GUI to send AT commands and search for EGMR

I read that there was a package that could modify it.

IMEI (repair) AT +EGMR=1,7,“123456789101213”


A true hero emerges!

Anyone know if this will work with MUDI?

Yes, I checked the work on Mudi. But to display the result, you need to reset the modem on the main page, although when you request imei via the terminal, the result is visible immediately. Tested on Mudi EP06-E

Hi I can’t do it in this router GL-AP1300, thanks in advanced