MiFi connection advice please

I am based in the UK and am using a Mifi running Firmware 2.271. Trying to the Tesco Mobile network for data and I cannot get the MiFi to connect to the internet. I’ve rechecked the APN details and they are correct. I’m offered a choice of access modes and device ID’s including 4 USB options.

Can someone offer any advice on the correct way to set this up? I’m really struggling and otherwise I might need to send the unit back.

Many thanks


Does the mifi detect carrier correctly? What is the signal strength on the UI?

Does Tesco allow tethering?

@jrt007007 - I will try to help you as I love this products and I have at home also a MiFi that I use very often ( in UK ) .
1.What APN are you using ?
2.Have you inserted the sim car with the chip part looking toward the top part of the device ( the part with the leds on it) ? ( Picture attached to this message)

3.Have you tried to use the normal internet access APN ?
4.Can you use another network sim card for test ? I normally use EE and Three and they both work like a charm.
I am away for the weekend but Monday I can tell you the details step by step to get it going.