Mifi external LTE antenna dual connection

I bought and added some antennas external to the mifi router and while this helps at times it is not enough so I wish to add a dedicated external LTE antenna.

Covers these freqs
700-800 MHz: 3.4 dB;
824-894 MHz: 4.1 dB;
880-960 MHz: 3.5 dB;
1710-1880 MHz: 3.1 dB;
1850-1990 MHz: 5.1 dB;
2110-2170 MHz: 0.2 dB

My my question is there are two of these and I do not know if one is wifi and one is cell ?? or do both cover all the frequencies of the mifi device.

Left in main cell. Right is auxiliary cell. Middle is gps (not used).
Wifi is the bit of printed circuit on the top right of the main pcb.