MIFI IPv6 on 3.201 firmware

Since 3.201, it gets IPv6 options. I turn it on and still says unable to get IPv6. Is there any configuration I need to do? I do know for sure LTE provider provision IPv6.

imo the ipv6 is a “standard” settings.
you may need to go into Luci, interface and tweak the ipv6 settings

So only LTE does not get IPV6?

Maybe it related to Modems?

I don’t have a WAN to test IPv6. So I don’t know if WAN would work.

When previously using the same LTE with MT1300 using USB, I do get IPv6. But the newly 3.201 firmware on MIFI doesn’t get IPv6. Wondering maybe LTE connection script.

So before you used other USB modem and get IPV6, not on MiFi using old firmware?

Can you check the IPV6 settings? You need to set the interface for IPV6.

I was using same EC25 but with an USB adapter to MT1300 and getting IPv6. The MIFI new firmware, I do see IPv6 turned on. But there is not much of options to configure.