I am looking at the GL-MiFi and I think they are too pricy, Here is the deal breaker.
I read:
Due to the high power consumption of 3G/4G modems, you need to use a 5V/2A or higher power supply.

Is this mean that the battery will not be enough to use the LTE network? And what is the autonomy on these batteries?

If you buy one with battery, it won’t have power supply issue.


  1. If you use without battery you need a 5v/2a micro usb supply
  2. If you use with charged battery all good.
  3. If you use with battery and 5v/2a microusb power supply all good.

I think they are referring to the no battery model where you need to supply 5v/2a


How long can the battery hold while connected to the LTE Network and WiFI last?

Obviously its depends on how intensive you use it. My experiment show about 6-8 hours with some p2p heavy traffic.

Same here. 6 to 8 hours running as a cloud server (heavy consistent use)

Where can I get antennas for it with the wiring?

You can search 4G LTE antenna from Amazon. Generally these antenna comes with SMA and uFL connectors so that you can connect to MiFi.