MIFI LTE very slow

It is double tap. Just remove by force CAREFULLY.

In regards to adding antennas. Here is what I did. I went from 2Mbps with internal antenna to 12Mbps with two antennas. These are small 2.5-3.5 db antennas meant for LTE usage. I did not see much improvement with one antenna.

Do not attach the internal antenna to the center GPS port as I did here, the radio and mifi got extremely hot after a few minutes and started smelling like hot electronics.

Helps if I attach the pic.

I doubt this is the correct connection.

Maybe no need to connect GPS antenna.

I would think he fried the GPS part of the module if it smelled bad…

I’m getting about 45Mbps down and 25~30Mbps up with external 10db antennas…if they are accurate in their description.

Best deal I’ve found:

Uploads were significantly improved with an extra antenna (+2x). The built in antenna is not MIMO, so it will struggle with weaker signals.

Make sure it’s in QMI mode, and not USB. USB never did more than 15~20Mbps for me, even with good external antennas.

In my experience, if the interface says 3g-modem (or tty anywhere), it’s not configured for max speed. Also, I have 4 brands of antennas…they are all close, but the ones I linked benchmark the fastest and are the cheapest, by far.

Didn’t smell like the smoke was let out, just smelled hot, like residual flux heating up or something. Not sure how to check the gps. I’ll dive into the openwrt forums and look into the AT commands. I don’t need GPS anyway. I’ll probably get a newer modem with better band coverage and maybe cat 4 or 6 when those prices come down.

Thanks for the 10dbi link. Already ordered 8dbi antennas earlier today for the same price. Guess I’ll try these too and return the ones that are lacking. I think I have some ts-9 to sma adapters, maybe I’ll use them on my other hotspots.

I just use this mifi as toy anyway. I have a few regular hotspots I use for traveling and work. I love the little gli routers, I use them all the time for little projects.

Finally, I bought this, AT+CSQ +CSQ: 30,99, seems little improved, but still not acceptable, i dont think it’s related signal, besides tested 2 x ISP SIM cannot register, any idea how to get these work?

on MIFI:
Sim card A: 7 Mbps DL
Sim card B: 5 Mbps DL

one more question, I got E3372 USB modem, how can I use it and share internet for MIFI?

I get 18~25Mbps down and 5~10Mbps up with an 18,99 signal?

When I have a 29~30,99 signal, I’ve gotten 50Mbps+ and like 30Mbps up. What carrier? Is there a way to see what band the Quectel is using?

Really?! are you using in Hong Kong? my mifi is running ec25-e, I tested 4 x ISP, but no one can get over 10Mbps. and two never connected.

Smartone - cannot register
Three HK - cannot register

No, I’m in the US. I get the same speeds with TMobile, too. Dunno what to tell you? Try another brand of antenna? I’ve heard some are junk.

always installed external antenna, if using internal antenna all below 5 Mbps.

What DB are the antenna rated at? What frequency do they cover? Not all LTE antennas can do 700Mhz, etc. Make sure the antennas match the bands that are available. 2.5Ghz gets seriously attenuated in buildings. I had 55Mbps down in the front yard, and I went in a house, and got half that. Whereas 700Mhz only did 35Mbps outside, but did the same inside. I went through 5 pairs of antennas before I found some I liked.

Also, make sure it’s in QMI mode. Well, over here that works better. Not sure about over there.

edit: If those providers are relying on carrier aggregation just to get to 30Mbps, that’s not the modem for you. You need to find out how they operate, and compare the service on the MIFI to a phone of comparable modem tech (cat 4/6, etc).

Also, about the dongle modem, if the drivers are installed in OpenWRT/LEDE, then it should just work. I tethered a Unite Explore into the MIFI over USB, and then load balanced the two. The Unite Explore can do carrier aggregation, and was a bit faster, so I was getting over 65Mbps since they upgraded the towers near me. That was with a speed test that was multiple connections, I think 8+, to take advantage of the balancing.

Configuring Mwan3 is fun (not really), but it works well once you figure it all out.

If you plug anything into the USB port, make sure the power adapter for the MIFI is putting out at least 2A, or it might get unstable.

For E3372, just plug to the USB-A of MiFi and you can configure tethering.

Be sure to have the power adapter plugged in. The modem consumes a lot of power .

The antennas ranged 700 ~ 2700 MHz with 38Dbi as per advised, I did tried another antennas that GLnet sent to me, however, 2 x ISP still not registered, I guess SIM locked or something I still have no idea, those SIM are worked fine on other 4G router which is Netgear 810S, the reason why I bought MIFI that can use VPN and TOR. but seems I still have to learn about the configuration.

Regarding to this ISP, seems look registered, but never connected.

It is very disappointed that MIFI’s performance is very poor, I tested same SIM card on MIFI and Netgear 810, the result are big different, mifi is slowed down even signal at around 20~25, what next I can do?

Netgear 810:


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38DBi is unlikely from an antenna design like that. Those are usually 6~9DBi. I bet those antennas are not engineered very well. Get some name brand antennas, like Peplink, Sierra Wireless or Proxicast, etc.

Also, make sure the APN is set correctly.