MiFi reboots all the time


I´ve the MiFi Router and problems when the 4G Module is connected.

The problem is, that the router reboots all the time.
Sometimes it is active for a couple of minutes, but then it reboots again.
Or the configred WiFi network is not even getting up, so I can´t connect to the router.

Any idea?

I think that is not happing when the 4G module is deactivated / not connected.


What power adapter are you using? Are you sure it’s putting out enough current to be able to power the MiFI with the 4G module enabled?

Most the time with no power adapter, just the battery. That´s the advantage of the MiFi, or?

Does it really comes to problems, when I use the 4G module only with the battery?

When and where did you buy this?

Can you contact cs@gl-inet.com?

It’s been a while since I bought it, don´t know the exact date.
I bought it in china.

What should I write cs@gl-inet.com?

While, if this reboot all the time, you need to find out the order number, send a photo of your bottom sticker of the device and try to ask the customer service to provide warranty.

The custom service will be able to check when the product is manufactured.

You’d better find a purchase date and order ID because the policy is, you claim to the seller, who charge you money, not the manufacturer.

OK, thanks for the advise… I think it´s more than 2 years old, but I´ll check this.